How to prevent being hacked in your lunch or coffee break.

How likely is it that I get hacked. You always think that couldn´t happen to me. For a moment you do not pay attention and suddenly there is malware on your laptop. Someone has infected your computer within a few seconds, and simply monitors your actions on your laptop, if you are on Facebook, ordering in a web shop or using your internet banking application for example.

How to prevent being hacked.

Crime will always exist everywhere, also in the digital world. It is important that you have some knowledge of this, because the digital risks are much greater than you might think. Indeed, it is online now so simple and so widespread that you should ensure in any case at least for some digital basic protection. Just like you turn the door locked when you leave the house.

Hacking is too easy nowadays, show reports by cybercrime taskforces and the police. Cybercriminals don´t need the technical understanding to apply the ability to hack, they can just buy the software or services on the Darknet. This ensures that everyone can hack users, that are not aware of the consequences and careless in handling of their digital protection. This means your data can be stolen without you noticing.

Avoid lunch or coffee break hacking. Our tips!

  • Use strong and secure passwords.

  • Use a recent virus scanner running continuously in the background.

  • Never share your password with anyone else and do not write it down.

  • Always close the applications and lock your computer as you just walk away on your computer.

  • Don´t click on unknown links and never just download files.

  • Update your software, ensure that it´s always at the latest version.

  • Make regular backups on a secure network or disk which can be disconnected