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Marco has a respectable experience in IT, worked more than 25 years in ERP implementations and has in recent years specialized in IT security. He owns Avantess IAM BV which specializes in IT Security Awareness programs.

Whaling an other form of phishing?

Whaling? Whaling, the phenomenon you're likely better known than the word itself. Whaling is another form of phishing in which it does not involve the retrieval of data, but rather to carry out an action such as activating a payment. The procedure is as follows: A so-called familiar or executive from the management will contact [...]

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Continuous Security Awareness Training

Continuous Security Awareness Training Security awareness programs are designed to educate users on the security policy of an organization. The goals for a security awareness program should include not only education about the organization’s security policy but should help to foster an understanding of how the policy protects the business, the employee, and customers. Training system administrators, IT [...]

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However our users would never do such a thing!

However our users would never do such a thing! Risks also come from within! Many breaches occur as a result of compromised user accounts. Risks can spread like wildfire in the dynamic traditional, virtualized and cloud environments that are used today in organizations.  One wrongly widely used authorized account can cause irreparable damage to [...]

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How effective is your investment in IT security?

How effective is your investment in IT security? Organizations have invested a huge amount of money and resources in securing the technology, but little or nothing to protect their employees and staff. Consequently, its employees, and not technology, have become the weakest link in cybersecurity. The most effective way to influence the human element is [...]

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Opening Blog Information Security

Information security is changing very rapidly. - Opening Blog Information Security - Dear customer, Security of IT systems in your enterprise is threatened, while the attackers are becoming more inventive and ruthlessly act for personal gain or disrupting your business. This is not a local but a global phenomenon. The attention to this matter must [...]

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